4in blade Custom frame-lock, produced in-house - Discontinued

Gamma was my first frame-lock folder design. You could say it’s a cyberpunk pocket katana..It features a 4 inch blade with ceramic pivot bearings and a ceramic flat face detent ball for a rocket-like action. It’s a highly flexible custom platform, it elegantly accommodates 3 different blade shapes: tanto, drop point and Wharncliffe, all with prominent swedges. No two of these are the same! I strive to make each one a unique work of mechanical art. I made these in 20CV and S110V blade steels.


Design Philosophy

    The Frame lock is an inherently asymmetric knife design. Rather than fighting that fact the Gammas embrace it, using it as a creative element to add another dimension to the character of the knife.

    A unique feature of the Gamma is the lock bar cutout which acts as skeletonizing and reveals the view into the inside of the knife which opens another dimension of customization possibilities. The lines of the blade are visible in the closed position and the inside of the handle is revealed when the blade is deployed. It gives Gammas a distinctive aesthetic as well as serve the added practicality of weight reduction.


Lock Geometry

     Gamma uses a 1″ radius concave lock-face with a 8 degree average angle. Alpha case formed on the lock-face which is then carbidized gives the knife a stick-free, easy disengagement and “vault-solid” lockup without the need for a steel lock-bar insert. The contact point between the lock-bar and the lock-face is at the furthers point away from the pivot only, which makes for solid, rock-free lockup.





On Gammas I only did “super steels”. 20CV and S110V are both just that, and are wonders of modern powder metallurgy technology. “super-steels” means they are complex steels that are highly alloyed with other elements many of which increase amount of retained carbides giving these steels exceptionally high wear resistance while maintaining impressive toughness. This metallurgical complexity comes with a considerable increase in manufacturing costs- these steels are extremely difficult to work with, to finish and to sharpen. They have a high annealed hardness and in the hardened state they are untouchable.

CPM S110V -is a high alloy martensitic stainless tool steel produced by the Crucible Particle Metallurgy. I get it hardened to 62RC at Peters Heat-treating.

  • Carbon 2.8%

  • Chromium 15.25%

  • Vanadium 9.0%

  • Niobium (Columbium) 3.0%

  • Molybdenum 2.25%

  • Cobalt 2.50%