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An unexpected success anniversary

Updated: May 24, 2020

In one month from today it will be 3 years since a machining video I made for a German CNC machine maker Datron was released on their YouTube channel.

I really was not intending much for this video, mostly I was excited about doing this project on the clock at the company I was working as the CNC programmer and lead machinist at the time. It was a really fun project that gave me an opportunity to creatively experiment with many subjects which were interesting to me- CNC machines, cameras and bike parts.

I already had a design for a bike sprocket which i had made some time ago and really wanted to machine which would make the perfect subject, being made out of aluminum and being a relatively flat part which could be held with a vacuum table and let me show off that fun aspect of the setup which I had developed and perfected at this shop.

I even used a song I had made myself about year earlier for the video.

With a couple of drone shots mascaraing as crane shots I had myself a video I was pretty proud of!

Still... i didn't think it would reach a big audience or be popular, after all it was an amateur video made by someone with very little experience filmography.

But boy, was I wrong. The video took off right away, amassing 10s of thousands of views quickly and getting reposted many times on various social media platforms, including Reddit where it made the front page of multiple subreddits... This was a very exciting and no less surprising to me turn of events.

Fast-forward 3 years, the video is on track to hit 5 million views on youtube by its anniversary! And apparently this video alone is responsible for over 50% of the watch time on Datrons YouTube!

And what better way to celebrate than to take on a new video project!

A much, much more ambitious one..

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