Nocturne Pre-order

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half of your total is the deposit and is paid at the time of order.

The balance is due before shipping.

Expected delivery in September.


Open - 7.5in

Closed - 4.4in

3.3in cutting edge blade in RWL 34 steel, 0.16in thick, with flat-ground bevels.

6AL4V Titanium handle, pocket-clip and hardware.

Ceramic bearings and detent.


A minimalist frame-lock design with a timeless aesthetic and a contemporary, feature-packed execution.

In this design I set out to create a knife which I would never get tired of.

Flipper, Front-flipper, thumb and spidy-flicker

All these opening methods are efficiently integrated into this design without making any sacrifices.

Features a low profile, "vanishing" flipper tab- in closed position it does not protrude past the profile of the knife and shows mercy to your pocket. When the knife is open the flipper hides completely and does not prevent any part of the edge touch a cutting block.

"Begg-style" pocket-clip with ceramic ball for maximum comfort.


Made entirely in Seattle, Washington inside one of the states oldest and finest Aerospace machine shops. All the work is done by my and a couple of helpers.

The blades will be precision double-disk ground and lapped for that rocket-like action you come to expect from a Valence Custom.


I will film every step of making this knife a reality and the backers will get to see this content before anyone else!

Join me on a manufacturing journey, though every stage of manufacturing a custom knife.

Experience Grimsmo moments and solve production issues together with me inside of a 60 year old Aerospace machine shop.

I want to deliver you insights into the process as well as a physical knife and hopefully some entertainment as well.



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